Excursion LArGE




Lombok Australia Geomagnetic Excursion


LOK Winter School

Excursion of the Lombok Geomagnetic ObservatoryTechnicians

to observatories, institutions, and university in Australia

PROPOSAL (download)






This proposal is intended to make fund-raising and participations from stakeholders to support the implementation of LOK Winter School, which purposes are:


  1. Improving ability and skill of the Lombok Geomagnetic Observatory technicians in doing absolute measurements, to meet international observatory (IAGA) standard.


  1. Improving technical and financial management of the Lombok Geomagnetic Observatory, to ensure its continuous long term operation.


  1. Comparing directly between data of Lombok Geomagnetic Observatory an ones of Australian observatories to support regional geomagnetic studies.


  1. Promotion of the Lombok Geomagnetic Observatory to the international forum especially Australia.


  1. Establishing cooperation and exchange of experiences, as well as establishing networks for further cooperation with the geomagnetic observatories and their institution, and university in Australia.


  1. Discussions with IAGA in preparing the Lombok Geomagnetic Observatory for becoming an international standard (IAGA) observatory and a Geomagnetic Study Center in Southeast Asia.


This activity will be held during 7 - 13th August 2016 , with agendas as follows:


  • 7th August: Opening ceremony, Departure from Lombok International Airport (LOP) Indonesia. Visiting BMKG Office during transit at Denpasar Airport (DPS)
  • 8th August: Arrival on Sydney (SYD) and transfer to Canberra (CBR). Visiting Embassy of Republic Indonesia (KBRI) in Canberra
  • 9th August: Visiting Geoscience Australia (GA) and its Education Center. Discussion with IAGA concerning LOK to meet international observatory standards.
  • 10th August: Training at Canberra Geomagnetic Observatory (CNB). Discussion with IAGA concerning LOK plan for becoming Geomagnetic Study Center in Southeast Asia.
  • 11th August: Travelling from Canberra to Sydney. Visiting School of Geoscience at University of Sydney.
  • 12th August: Travelling from Sydney to Lombok, via Denpasar.
  • 13th August: Closing ceremony and Press Conference at Mataram University.

Location : Rembitan Village, Central Lombok


Secretariat: Fakultas Tekni

Universitas Mataram

Jl. Majapahit 62, Mataram


Phone : +62(0)370-636126

Fax. : +62(0)370-636523


PIC: Dr. Teti Zubaidah

E-mail: tetizubaidah@te.ftunram.ac.id

URL: www.aemt-geomagnetic.org


Account for Donation:

Name: Bulkis Kanata,

Bank: BNI Cabang Syariah Mataram,

No: 0273005858

The Lombok Geomagnetic Observatory (LOK) has been inaugurated on 11 April 2014, as a tripartite co-operation between the Mataram University, the Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrum (GFZ) Potsdam-Germany and the District Government of Central Lombok.

The Lombok Geomagnetic Observatory is aimed to be a world class observatory, as a representative of Southeast Asia to join with the International Real-time Magnetic Observatory Network (INTERMAGNET) in 2016.

Signing MoU for establishing the Lombok Geomagnetic Observatory on 3rd November 2010, between the Mataram University, the Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrum (GFZ) Potsdam-Germany, and the Government of Central Lombok.


Center for Excellence in Science and Technology


University of Mataram

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FGE is placed in the Variation Room

Measurement is taken in the Absolute House using DI-flux magnetometer and non-magnetic Theodolite.

National and international scientists come on the inauguration of the Lombok Geomagnetic Observatory, 11 April 2014.

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