The 3rd International Conference on

Applied Electromagnetic Technology 2022

Lombok, 1-5 November 2022

“Geomagnetic and Geothermal Technology

for Recovery of Sustainable Life Quality on a Green Planet”

The prolonged pandemic has scratched some bitter memories of losing families and relatives, but of course always give spirits for a much better life in the future. Among these hopes are progressive achievements in geomagnetic sciences which are closely related to the existence of living creatures on Earth and geothermal technology which is closely related to the provision of green energy. Both are expected to be the main supports for a post-pandemic recovery of sustainable life quality to achieve human welfare on this planet.

Following the success of the International Conference on Applied Electromagnetic Technology (AEMT) in 2018, we will conduct the 3rd AEMT in 2022. The AEMT conference series will be held every four years. They are expected to become a forum for international researchers, practitioners, governments, and institutions to sit together and discuss recent advancements related to electromagnetic technology. Furthermore, they should be also a real solution for life through a concept of research applications for community development and welfares in responding to actual needs at regional and global level. Therefore, in a long term, the AEMT conference series will be the forerunner of a truly grounded scientific tradition.

The 3rd AEMT will be held in Lombok Island, which is located on the highest intensity of geomagnetic anomalies within Indonesian regions. The beautiful Lombok and neighboring islands are highly potential for a world class tourism destination. Despite their beautiful scenes, these regions are prone to some natural disasters, including earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions. However, because of the specific tectonic settings, these islands are also highly potential for geothermal and mineral resources.

In the previous AEMT conferences we have focused on disaster mitigation, while this year we will focus more on how to explore natural potentials, especially geothermal energy. We consider that geothermal has great opportunities to become future energy. It is not only important regarding energy provisions for this island, but also for all other islands which have active volcanoes in Indonesia and entire the globe. Furthermore, as it happened during the last decades, the development of geothermal technology has now widely penetrated in non-volcanic areas such as in Malaysia and Germany.

Lombok has experienced several major earthquakes in 2018, which affected quality of life especially in the northern- and eastern parts of the island. The incident of pandemic, of course, has worsened daily life and situations that have not been fully recovered. Sembalun village, located on a highland slopes of Mount Rinjani, was one of the areas worst affected by the earthquakes. Gratefully, this area is blessed with geothermal potential, as indicated in the geomagnetic anomalies map of the Lombok Island. There are several manifestations in the form of hot and cold springs.

The 3rd AEMT will push more real efforts for exploration and utilization of geothermal potentials in the Sembalun area. These local energy resources should be directed to support and enhance the existing agricultural industries and tourism sectors. These efforts are expected not only to accelerate the recovery of local community's economic and social conditions, but more importantly to improve the quality of life and environment in a sustainable manner.

Concerning pandemic situations, the 3rd AEMT will be held in a hybrid manner with an integrated approach for all conference participants, both in-person and virtualy

All participants should feel a real atmosphere of holding a seminar in Lombok Island and a workshop as well as an exhibition and tour in Sembalun Village. We will package a high-quality seminar by presenting the most competent keynote speakers in the field of geomagnetism and geothermal technology.

During the seminar, around 200 relevant and high-quality papers and posters from participants will be presented through a rigorous selection process. We will hold a workshop with a topic on geothermal exploration using geomagnetic and MT methods, where in addition to theoretical approaches, the participants will also practice with data acquisitions as well as processing and interpretation. An exhibition will be conveyed by presenting upstream- and downstream-industries related to geothermal productions and utilizations, while a scientific tour will be held to directly visit geothermal manifestations on the slopes of Mount Rinjani and several local community industries that will utilize geothermal potentials.

Apart from the above, we also consistently pay attention to geomagnetic monitoring over this region. We do hope that this conference will become a real scientific contribution for upgrading the monitoring facilities of the Lombok Geomagnetic Observatory (LOK) which was inaugurated on the 1st AEMT in 2014 and the Nurul Bayan Geomagnetic Station (NRB) which was inaugurated on the 2nd AEMT in 2018. Both research facilities are very important to support natural hazard mitigations as well as exploration of geothermal resources in this region.

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Paper submission

25 May 2022

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15 July 2022

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15 August 2022

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31 August 2022

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30 September 2022

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