Dr. Yunus Daud

Dr. Yunus Daud

Head of Geothermal Research Center

Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia

Founder of NewQuest Geotechnology

Dr. Yunus Daud is a faculty member of the Department of Physics, University of Indonesia.He was born in Tegal in November 4, 1968. He obtained his doctor degree in the field of Exploration Geophysics from the Department of Earth Resources Engineering, Kyushu University, Japan, with the dissertation titleGeophysical Studies Over the Sibayak Geothermal Field (Indonesia).He was one of the young researchers with the expertise in Exploration Geophysics, Geothermal Affairs, Mining and Environment.

He is working in research, education and business-related to geothermal resources technology. He has been teaching and research supervising for undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Indonesia in the field of geothermal exploration technology, mainly electromagnetic, gravity, and MEQ methods, as well as geothermal systems and technology. He has been developing 7 (seven) geoscientific software with patents including GeoSlicer-X, a 3-D visualization software for geoscientists and engineers. He has also been giving training courses in geothermal exploration, especially 3-D magnetotelluric (MT) technology and resource assessment for geothermal company's staffs. In addition, He has been founding PT NewQuest Geotechnology and providing a consultant in geothermal exploration and development for geothermal industries.