Scientific Tour

2-3 November 2022

Sembalun Geothermal Prospect

Sembalun Bumbung Village

The interesting thing about Selong Belanak Beach is the two types of waves it has. The west coast has big waves, while in other parts the waves that come are not too big. The difference in the waves is widely used by tourists (both foreign and local) to surf.

Sembalun Lawang Village

The most amazing point on Mount Merese Lombok is at its peak. You need to pass through a winding path to get there. The peak of Merese Hill is divided into several parts and offers different views, including sunrise and sunset, Tanjung Aan, Batu Payung, and many more.

Sajang Village

Kuta Mandalika Beach has various attractions that are offered to support tourism, such as banana boats, windsurfers to extreme sports, namely paragliding. However, if you are not interested in playing wet or extreme sports, you can also enjoy this beach while cycling.

Sebau Hot Spring

When visiting Sade Village, you will find many villagers weaving. Very neat woven results with very careful workmanship, making Sade Village weaving become one of the tourist attractions. On the sidelines of the weaving process, many tourists learn to weave.