PT NewQuest Geotechnology, is a service company that present to help people for better understanding the earth resources system using proper technology. We offer services on geotechnology for exploring earth resources (geothermal, petroleum and mineral resources), solving geotechnical and environmental problems, and professional training courses in mastering the concepts of earth resources and its proper related technology.

PT NewQuest Geotechnology was established in 2011. During this period, PT NewQuest Geotechnology has provided services using geoscientific techniques (including survey design, data acquisition, quality control, processing, inversion, modeling and interpretation of geophysical data), such as:

  1. Geothermal exploration
  2. Mineral exploration
  3. Groundwater exploration
  4. Geotechnique survey

Technology development motivates us to keep developing technology in geoscience which is implemented in software development. We also provide professional training course to give the better understanding about the latest technology for people.

PT Mitra Intimargais a Supplier for Laboratories and Research Institutes in Indonesia, since 2004 Years. Our product knowledge, experience, and personnel provide expertise from a mix of Engineering & Scientific background to meet the challenge of your Laboratory and Research. 

Thanks to the Partnership with several numbers of Manufacturers who have committed to support our company activities in the area of Science and Engineering to meet the needs of Researchers, Professionals, Academics, and Industrials.

Our emphasis is to understand our products within your application and provide a quick and accurate response within“1A” BEST PRICE and BEST QUALITY. For all our Range of Products including Geophysics, Scientifics, Civil and Mechanics Engineering, Airborne UAV Solutions, Electronics and Educational Training Kits with the component and systems detailed here have been selected to deliver the very highest performance and reliability with exceptional value for money. 

When dealing withPT. MITRA INTIMARGA you’ll receive advice and information from trained Engineers whose technical expertise to handle for installation and after sales services.