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Almost as big as Bali, Lombok is the completely different island right next door. From its volcanic centre to idyllic beaches such as Mawun, it rewards travellers who want to explore. Many are drawn to mighty Gunung Rinjani, Indonesia's second-highest volcano. Rivers and waterfalls gush down its fissured slopes, while its summit – complete with hot springs and a dazzling crater lake – is the ultimate trekker's prize. In the south, you may need to hold your jaw in place as you encounter one superb beach after another.

Meanwhile, off the west coast, the fabled Gili Islands are three exquisite droplets of white sand sprinkled with coconut palms and surrounded by coral reefs teeming with marine life. Each has become a full-blown destination in its own right with oodles of great places to stay, eat and celebrate.


Around the island of Lombok there are 3 dike or small islands that lie very close. The Gilis are Gili Air, Gili Meno, and Gili Trawangan. From the third dike Gili Gili Trawangan is the most visited by tourists. The natural beauty of Gili Trawangan offered is in the form of clean white beaches and marine parks are very beautiful.


Mount Rinjani is the second-highest mountain in Indonesia after the peak of Jaya Wijaya. Heights of Mount Rinjani is 3,700 meters above sea level. The altitude takes about 4-5 days to reach the summit of Mount Rinjani. Surely will form an exciting adventure if it can reach the summit of this mountain. Coupled with very enchanting landscapes andextraordinary. At the peak of Mount Rinjani there are a bunch of water with the name is Segara Anak, which is a crater lake at the top of the mountain.


Lombok beach is the major attraction you should visit when visiting Lombok Indonesia. Some of the attractions that should be on the list are Senggigi beach, Gili Air. Cakranegara, Mount Rinjani, Gili Trawangan, Lombok Kuta Beach, Narmada Park, Mayura Park, and many others. One thing that tourists should not miss is diving. The underwater life of Lombok is incredibly beautiful. Surfers also come to Lombok, especially South Lombok to find a challenge through the waves. South Lombok is considered one of the world's best places to surf.


This glorious island has secrets just waiting to be uncovered. Many who come to the island fail to realize that Lombok hides some of the best tranquil waterfalls in the archipelago. Exploring waterfalls is the next best thing – not to mention safer – to exploring a jungle. The journey to a waterfall usually consists of a trek in the forest, best led by an experienced guide, that ends in a sight and sensation so fantastic the exhausting trip would be totally worth it.


At least there are about 5,400 mosques that stand majestically on the island of Lombok and the presence of Islamic Center NTB is a complement to the beauty of the island known as the nickname of the Thousand Islands of this Mosque. Islamic Center NTB began construction in 2011 and is expected to be completed in December. Currently, a very vigorous development is being done in order to welcome the National MTQ activities to be held from late July to August 2016.

NTB Islamic Center building stands on a land of waqf with an area of approximately 6.7 hectares. This magnificent building has a dome with beautiful calligraphy characteristics of sasambo batik, batik typical of NTB Province. In addition, there are five towering towers that surround the grandest and largest mosque in this province. The highest tower is named Tower of Asma'ul Husna because of its height reaching 99 meters. Its location is in the middle of Mataram City on the corner of Jalan Langko and Jalan Udayana which is the main line.


Sasak Village Lombok is traditional village in Lombok Island West Nusa Tenggara. It takes about 1 hour from Mataram city and half an hour from the new airport of Lombok.

In Sasak vilagge there is Sasak tribe who is a society that lives in Lombok Island in West Nusa. This community is the biggest tribe in that province, located between Bali and West Nusa. Survey showed that the Sasak people who lived in Lombok, about 3 million people. Traditions, worship, customs and ordinances related to things in life, building homes and Sasak tribe very specific in their everyday life.

Sasak Village Lombok has building that is still traditional. In Sasak village you will see every building that made of wood and bamboo and thatched roof. Rice Barn is also typical building that we could see in some of houses. Uniqueness Sasak tribe is to build floor of the house with a combination of soil with cow dung. They do not use raw materials to the cement floor of their house because of the tradition to use buffalo dung.


Banyumulek is one of the tourist villages in Lombok Island located in Kediri district, west lombok district, which is about 14 kilometers distance from Mataram City. Banyumulek is a tourist destination on the island of Lombok is busy visited by tourists for tourists who have an interest in the local culture. Most of the population in this village, which is about 80% eyed as a pottery craftsman. Therefore, in this village many born hand - hand and dexterous maker of export - quality pottery. Who likes to be used for everyday purposes, such as a barrel that serves as a place of water, a jug that serves as a place to drink, garbage cans that work for landfills, and others. But over time and the development of tourism on the island of Lombok, there is a change of value that is more directed to the element of decoration, in terms of pottery produced for decoration, such as decorating the garden or hotel room or house. Interestingly again in this tourist village, we can see first hand this pottery, starting from the beginning of making clay mixed with water, then stepping on the material that has been mixed, then the dough is in shape and burns it on the straw. If you want to make details of making pottery, you can go to some craftsmen open the course for the visitors who want you to make in detail making this pottery. Almost all tour operators offer banyumulek as a visiting area while visiting Lombok. So no one if Banyumulek is a lombok island tourist destinations that must be visited.


The Lombok Geomagnetic Observatory was inaugurated during 1ST AEMT on 11 April 2014 managed by the Faculty of Engineering University of Mataram, in cooperation with the Helmholtz Zentrum-Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrum (GFZ) Potsdam-Germany and Central Lombok District Government. The operation of an observatory occupying 1.7 hectares of land in Rembitan Village is a distinct feature of its location on Lombok island which has the highest intensity geomagnetic anomaly in Indonesia. The contribution of this observatory will be enormous in terms of filling the void of global geomagnetic data from the equator region, particularly the Southeast Asian region. The geomagnetic observatory of Lombok is also one of the scientific sights that exist in Lombok, which is expected to give additional knowledge about geomagnetism.

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The Mandalika International Street Circuit is located in the Mandalika resort area on Lombok island, part of the West Nusa Tenggara province of Indonesia. The circuit opened by hosting rounds of the Asia Talent Cup and Superbike World Championship in late 2021, followed by Grand Prix motorcycle races in 2022, and it is expected to host one round of the GT World Challenge Asia in October 2022.

The sports cluster and entertainment project, measuring 120 hectares, is expected to include the construction of hotels and other facilities. As a purposely-constructed racing track with wide run-off areas, it is claimed to be a street circuit as parts may be used in future, allowing normal traffic access to new resort facilities. 

Technically, the term 'street circuit' refers to a larger racing function, which simply means that if there is no race, the circuit can also function as a tourism spot. Therefore, people can use the area around the main trajectivity for refreshing activities, such as running, jogging, or just enjoying the stunning view. However, the main tracks will still be prohibited from the general public and will get extensive security measurements as well. This means that if you’re going to Lombok for a casual holiday, you can still visit the Mandalika International Street Circuit to see the grandiose design of the circuit and stroll around when there is no race.


Sasak songket cloth is a culture of Lombok society, the culture of Lombok island is a mixture of belief culture of sasak, ancient Javanese, Hindu-Bali, and Islam. The mixing of the culture is reflected in the artwork and which is found in the weaving craft produced by the Lombok people. The weaving motifs in Sukerara are the original traditional motifs. Most of the decorations that exist in the songket sasak community have a symbolic meaning of the symbol of human life in the world and akherat. Songket in the sasak community means as the embodiment of the symbols of the mastery of nature. The pattern of living trees and roses means life on earth. Bird's style is often encountered on a songket that symbolizes the ruler of the world over while the snake or gazelle serpent is a symbol of bottom or earth penguasan. These motifs have their respective meanings, such as the motifs of a peacock, that is, two peacocks dealing as a symbol of the happiness of life, and the motive of a gecko whose meaning is luck.


Not only the beautiful beaches and stunning scenery, Lombok Island is also famous as one of the best pearl producers in the world. As a support, there are many centers of pearl craftsmen on this paradise island. One of them is Kampong Sekarbela.

Mataram craft center lombokKampung Sekarbela is administratively located in Kelurahan Karang Pule, Ampenan Sub-district, Mataram City. About 4 Kilometers from downtown Mataram. In this village there are many jewelry craftsmen from various noble materials. Like Gold, Silver, and Pearl. In their skilled hands, you will see how a pearl is transformed into beautiful jewelry in no time. This profession has been passed down from generation to generation.

In this pearl village of Sekarbela you can visit the shops that display the results so pearl craft. Starting from the pearl granules, until the pearls are wrapped in precious metal in the form of jewelry. Such as earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Certainly you will be satisfied shopping pearl jewelry in this place. You can also get jewelry made from other materials, such as Sapphire Stones or Amethyst Stones. A line of jewelry stores will be found in this region. You can also visit Mataram Craft Center located on Ahmad Dahlan street, Pegangsangan.

Customs and Culture of Lombok

Lombok is one of the islands in Indonesia that has abundant wealth, both in terms of natural beauty, food, and even the culture. The island with 1001 mosques is a lot of charm that can not be in doubt. The culture of Sasak Lombok society can not be separated from the influence of Balinese and Javanese culture. This is also reinforced by the historical background which states that the kingdom of Bali ever ruled around the year 1678 until 1849. By considering the long span of time Bali's power over Lombok it is not strange if the acculturation of two cultures, namely local residents and Bali gave birth to a new culture in Social life ethnic sasak.

Based on Van der Kraan's record, the outside influences that enter into Sasak culture also come from Java. This is marked by the entry of Islam in the belief system of the life of the people. This form of mixing of two cultures is evident in the nonmaterial components in the arts such as Rudad Dance, Gamelan Rebana, Wayang Sasak and Cilokaq as well as other cultures in Lombok include: Beleq Gendang, Peresean, War Topat, and Bau Nyale

Tradisi Bau Nyale Kuta Lombok
Presean lombok
lingga, SDN 2 Rarang (3)
Tradisi Perang Topat di Lingsar Lombok


Lombok is famous for its stunning natural attractions. From the mountains to the beauty of beautiful beaches, but Lombok's special food is also famous delicious and delicious, among others: Chicken taliwang, Nasi Puyung, Sate Rembiga, Sate Bulayak, Pelecing Kangkung, Sate Tanjung, Bebalung and Ares. These foods are guaranteed to make you fall in love with the taste